Facing a problem with something in CodeReady Toolchain? Here is information about getting help or reporting issues.

Getting help and giving feedback

CodeReady Toolchain follows a continuous delivery model. Updates and changes to the system are delivered continuously, often multiple times in a day. Hearing directly from you about your experiences lets us improve the product and experience for you. Use the following options to get help, raise bugs, request for features, and provide feedback.

1. Asking questions about CodeReady Toolchain

The CodeReady Toolchain MatterMost chat channel is the best way to ask questions or get immediate help for CodeReady Toolchain at any time. We encourage users to ask their question or discuss the problem they face in the channel for a fast resolution.

If you don’t already have a MatterMost account:

  1. Navigate to the CodeReady Toolchain MatterMost chat channel and click Create one now.

  2. Add your details and click Create Account to register.

  3. In your email inbox, click the Verify Email link.

  4. Sign in when prompted and when asked, select the Developers team. You are redirected to the appropriate channel.

    Main view
  5. Ask a specific person your question or start with @here to tag everyone present in the channel.

In the future, navigate to the CodeReady Toolchain MatterMost channel for any questions on CodeReady Toolchain.

If you prefer to use IRC, the CodeReady Toolchain team is also available in the #openshiftio channel on Freenode.

2. Send us feedback about Red Hat CodeReady Toolchain for OpenShift

To give the CodeReady Toolchain team feedback, create an issue and send us a description of the problem with the necessary details and screenshots if necessary. You can also search for related issues at this link.

When the issue is logged, the CodeReady Toolchain team adds appropriate tags and labels to address it at the earliest.

If you prefer email, send your feedback to the CodeReady Toolchain mailing list.

3. Send us feedback about the documentation

The documentation team welcomes all feedback or requests for information that is helpful to you but is not covered.

  • Is there anything we can do to improve the documentation?

  • Was a part of the documentation not useful for you?

  • Is there anything we did not document that you want to do with CodeReady Toolchain?

Create an issue to send us your feedback.